Gayles Chocolates for the love of chocolate
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Gayle, dressed in white chef clothes and melted chocolate dripping down on her appearing to catch it with both hands

About Gayles

Our story is simple.
Gayle Harte started Gayle’s Chocolates in 1979 with a clear and simple goal in mind–to make the best tasting chocolate possible and make it with creativity and imagination.

Gayle’s intent was always to recreate the magical taste of chocolate that she remembered from childhood. Small batch chocolates made daily with all natural ingredients at the neighborhood chocolate shop. Today the trend is called artisanal chocolates, but Gayle was making these before they ever came on trend.

Gayle’s philosophy never wavered over the years, as each of her recipes is still the same as it was in 1979. As Gayle always said, “Everything is stlll made and packaged by hand.” The only thing that has changed is the location of our storefront from Michigan to Arizona.

More recently, Gayle passed on her ownership to continue sharing the love of her chocolate and proprietary confections.

Today, Gayle’s Chocolates operates out of Cottonwood, Arizona and continues to make premium chocolate using only the finest, natural ingredients and a premium, high cacao content. As Arizona’s finest chocolatier, Gayle’s products are shipped throughout the US and internationally.

Gayle’s Chocolates offers an expansive line of wholesale options for your gourmet or special retail operation. For the Love of Chocolate, please contact us at 

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