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Privacy & Cookies

Why do we collect your personal information?
The most obvious reason is simply to process your order. Several pieces of information are used to verify your identity and its connection to your credit card. Other information is used for shipping purposes. We also track what products are purchased, from what areas of the country, and in what quantities. This information helps us with production projections.

What information do we collect?
We collect your name, billing and shipping addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone number and information about what you ordered. We also collect marketing information like coupon codes, IP addresses and referral sources.

How do we use this information?
Much of the information is used to get the order where it needs to go and to process payments for the order. Gayle’s Chocolates does not store credit card information from our online customers.

What about your e-mail address?
E-mail addresses are used for limited online marketing programs.

How do we use the other information?
The marketing and product information help us with demographics. We analyze the data to determine which products are selling and to whom; also, from where the orders are coming. As a seasonal business, we also need to know when to expect large bumps in traffic so we can produce enough chocolate items.

Does this policy ever change?
Gayle’s Chocolates reserves the right to alter our privacy principles as business needs require. Any alterations to these principles will be posted on our web sites in a timely manner.

Our site also uses cookies.  You can review our cookie policy here.

How should I contact you if I have any questions?
Should you have other questions or concerns about these privacy policies, please email

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